Igbo Leaders & Politicians don't Listen to Nnamdi Kanu because they Love Buhari more than the Igbos - Dele Momodu (video)
Ovation President, Dele Momodu and former presidential aspirant In an interview with BBC igbo, says Igbo authorities don't listen to Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on in his outcry against Igbos in Nigeria because they Love and respect Buhari more than their own people.

According to him, Igbo Leaders are serving Buhari as if they don't have right in this country.

He said: "Before, people didn't want to support IPOB, or support Nnamdi Kanu - But now people have seen what he is fighting for, so what Government needs to do is easy; Reach out to the people. To make matters worse, the so called elders and leaders in those embattled areas are not even saying a word."

"With all due respect, to your Governors, political leaders, your cultural leaders, your house assembly members, they are not ready to listen, if they have tried to reach out to give support to Nnamdi Kanu, things would have been better."

"But I see Igbo Governors carrying on as if they owe Buhari the world world, I don't know why, and that is what us getting Nnamdi kanu and his group angry that why are they behaving as slaves."

"Everybody should respect the president of the country, that's fine but that respect should not turn to something else where you begin to act like you have no right whatsoever in the country of Nigeria."

"I can only advise the Governors, but I think its too late; to serve the interest of their people and stop bordering about what the federal Government wants them to do. If the federal Government is doing things for your people, you would thank them but if they don't speak up, Our people are being marginalized, speak up!."

He added that the Igbos have people in the house of representative, senate they should have come together and talk to the president, make demands and find solutions but they aren't doing anything.

He added: "The Igbos keep the laws of this country, they contribute so much to the country, so why are they been treated as 4th class citizens.?"