If you want to locate Eastern security Network, go inside the forest but get ready to die - Nnamdi Kanu Replies Nigerian Police
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has reacted after the Nigerian Police said they are yet to Locate Eastern Security Network as they keep searching for the security outfit.

Nnamdi Kanu in reaction advised the Nigerian Police to go into the Forest, if they want to locate the Eastern security Network, but they should get ready to die.

He wrote: "These #ZOO people are very funny....very, very funny indeed."

"How can you locate what you cannot see? #ESN is in the forests and bushes of Biafraland rooting out Fulani terrorists and you are busy driving around in your Hilux vans inside townships looking for them. How very foolish. It is called Mission Impossible!"

"If you want to die, sorry, if you want to locate #ESN come inside the forest but before you do so make sure you leave sufficient money for your wife to take care of your kids because you won't see them again, you won't be  going back alive. Ask those that tried last week."

"With the coming of Eastern Security Network #GhostProtocolActivated. Go and look for your Fulani bandits and terrorists you created."