If you have the opportunity to eat any  man’s money please do it is your right – Blessing Okoro advises women
Celebrity blogger Blessing Okoro has advised women to spend their men’s money when they give it to them because some relationships are just for a cruise until you find your own ship.

Blessing Okoro disagreeing with a colleague of hers who advised women not to eat men’s money said giving is natural therefore if you are in a relationship with a man and he gives you money freely you can spend it.

According to her, these advisors should stop giving such advice this year because all they say is an imaginary talk as a lady is in trouble is she spends a man’s money but a man is free to sleep with a lady and not marry her.

She then advised ladies not to listen to this kind of advice and chop their men’s money if they give them because not everybody you date you will get married to.

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