I will expose Hypocrisy of the Democrats - Trump's Impeachment attorney says
Former president Donald Trump’s lead impeachment attorneys has said that his presentation Friday will lay bare the “hypocrisy” of House impeachment managers, calling their case “offensive.”

According to NYPOST, On day three of Trump’s second impeachment trial, Democratic House managers continued their video-heavy presentation, playing clips of rioters saying they stormed the US Capitol on Jan. 6 at the behest of the former president to back up their case that Trump is guilty of inciting insurrection.

Stepping into the Senate hallway amid the trial for an interview with Fox News, Trump defense attorney David Schoen accused Democrats of presenting “an entertainment package.”

“I think you’ll at least be moved by what you see and get a much better picture of what’s going on,” Schoen said of their arguments, which begin Friday, adding he would expose the “hypocrisy” of the impeachment managers.

“Everyone in that room and the House will look bad,” he went on. “Our politicians will look bad if this thing goes forward and that’s a very unfortunate thing.”

In their pre-trial brief, the former president’s lawyers lashed leading Democratic lawmakers for “feigning horror” at Trump’s words on the day of the siege while ignoring calls for violence from within their own ranks.

The president is on trial on the charge he incited his supporters to attack the Capitol as lawmakers were certifying President Joe Biden’s electoral college victory.

Democratic lawmakers will wrap up their arguments on Thursday evening before Trump’s defense team are able to present their rebuttal.

It’s expected the trial will continue throughout the weekend with a vote to convict or acquit Trump on Sunday or Monday.

When asked whether he would use the entire 16 hours to present their case, Schoen responded: “There’s no reason for us to be out there for a long time.”

Republicans accused Democrats of playing dirty by selectively quoting Trump’s speech to his supporters before they stormed the Capitol.

“President Trump told protestors to ‘peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,’” the Republican House Judiciary Committee tweeted.

“You left that part out. Wonder why?”