I fell in love with my twin Brother and we got Married, now we have a Baby -- 17-year-old girl (Video)
A lady identified as duhh.itzz.lexy on tiktok narrates how she fell in love with her twin brother and now they are married and they have a beautiful daughter.

According to her, They fell in love with each other while they were very young and continue to grow in the love and their parents disowned them.

Both of them didn’t quit but they rather continued with their love affair as they were so in love with each other.

Nobody attended their wedding. People called it a sin/taboo. However, shortly after marriage, they both had a child at 17.

She wrote: "How my Twin Brother and I fell in Love: we had a connection since were born, then we realized we were meant for each other, our parents and friends disowned us, they said it was a sin and we got kicked out, we moved out and stuck together, our love grew stronger, we didn't give up on each other. "

"He proposed and we got married but no one came to our wedding, we got married regardless, I got pregnant at 17 and we gat a baby girl. Please Don't Judge, that's our story."