I didn't suck my Mother's Breast - James Brown
Nigerian cross-dresser while celebrating his Birthday, February 22 2021 says, since he was born, he has never experienced motherly love, adding that he never had a taste of his mother’s breast milk.

He wrote:  “I blessed the day I was born. A leader was given brith too. That day was not an ordinary day

“According to my grandmother 👵 The rain 🌧 was heavy the thunder ⚡️was not friendly, there was a lunar eclipse 🌑 the day become dark it was like never before my grandma 👵 was strong 💪 like an Iron Lady

“Then i came to life it was the most beautiful 🤩 thing ever happened. Everything was clear, the Lion 🦁 was joyful and there was a beautiful rainbow🌈 in the sky 🌌 then I knew I was born to be a leader ,Yes my life was heard because I am the first child 👶.

I never 👎 had a mother love or care , no affection no communication, no tears 😭

no breastfeed 🤱 from a mother But my Grandmother 👵 loves me 100%


“Writing this is not for you to make mockery of me but to understand that life doesn’t play the way you plan . My advice to you on this special day is to Be determined, brave, smart, never 👎 take no for an answer, be pursuit take RISK never depend on anyone with all this you will get to your destination in life. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE

HÁṔṔӲ BŔíTHDÁӲ TŐ ḾÉ Á 👑 was born”.