I control my wife, I tell her when to eat and when to use the Internet for security reasons - Married Man
A Man Identified as Cleveland Jay has said that he controls his wife and doesn't allow her her freedom because of his insecurities.

While reacting to a tweet advising couples to love their spouses in such a way that their spouse feels free.

 He replied, saying it can't work for him because he's naturally controlling. He said he controls his wife and allows her access to Internet only when she displays good behaviour.

 He said he tells her when to eat, what to do, and he's strict with her.

 He admitted he knows his wife is not free but says she feels his love all the same.

"This can't work for me bc I'm naturally controlling, I tell my wife what to do, when to eat, & I give her internet access with good behavior. It's not funny but I have some insecurities because of my past so I'm strict on her. She might not feel "free" but she feels the love."

After the wife made a video and confirmed that she still love her husband, and the video got fwe likes, the man wroe: "Wait a minute, so 7,000 people viewed a video of a joyful woman talking about how she's head over hills about her man & how she's happy & madly in love & it only got 7 likes? Wow. Just proves that Twitter is a hateful nasty place. That's why I only talk about sports on here."

"My wife & I are good now but we went thru some dark times when she cheated. I lost my job & she started seeing one of the bosses from her company. There was nights she didnt come home & was telling him how I was a broke lil ugly boy. It cut me to my core but we got past it. Whew"

"I try to keep my life private but y'all are taking this too far. Unfortunately I have to pull a @Mr_Alexius & post proof. Smh. My wife in her own words. (Now y'all can leave me the hell alone)."