Fulani Woman Uses A Wrapper With Biafra Color To Back her Child (Photos)
Fulani woman was spotted using wrapper made with Biafra color to tie her baby at unknown location.

This viral picture has sparked tension online because with the attire she is putting on and that of those around her, it can be easily identified that she is a Muslim and a Northerner too.

Many continue asking why she chooses to use the material as wrapper. While others concluded that she never knew it was a Biafra insignia.

According to Radio Biafra page reacting to the picture, noted that their enemies are indirectly propagating Biafra unknowingly to them.

 Radio Biafra  wrote: “Even the enemies sometimes preach about Biafra without knowing. This is some where in the Northern part of the contraption Nigeria. They have no choice than to let Biafra go.”