From Today We Will Start Dealing With Any Igbo Elder That Talks Rubbish Again - Nnamdi Kanu Blows Hot
The IPOB leader Mazi Namdi kanu, during his live broadcast said from today henceforth we will start dealing with any Igbo elder that talks nonsense again.

Nnamdi Kanu said this because some Igbo Leaders, elders are against Eastern security Network, some of them have refused to support Biafra agitation.

Recall that Kanu launched ESN to flush out Fulani terrorists from the East yet some Igbo elders oppose him.

Nnamdi Kanu pointed out that the ESN is doing a very good Job and it is the responsibility of every Igbos to support them.

He warned that Nigerians should stop faulting Fulani herders for carrying AK-47, Urged every Nigerian Citizen to get his or her own AK-47 and get ready for the war that is coming.

This is not the first time Nnamdi Kanu is raising alarm of war in Nigeria. Kanu is known for his prophecies because they do come to pass.

He warned the Igbo elders, politicians to steer clear from sabotaging or speaking against Biafra agitation, ESN, else they will face they will have IPOB to contend with.

It is an open secret that some Igbo elders gave/sold their lands to herdsmen in the southeast, some of them do not support the Idea of evicting herders from the Southeast. They keep calling for Nigeria's Unity instead of fighting for freedom.

Kanu said: All the Igbo elders backing the Fulani herdsmen will suffer in their hand, We will no longer tolerate any Igbo elder that talks and support one Nigeria again.