Facebook removes 'Sunday Igboho' Account  after reaching 1million people in a day, Why does Facebook not want the world to know the truth?- FFK
Femi Fani-Kayode has attacked Facebook for removing Sunday Igboho account via his twitter account.

My essay titled "Sunday Igboho & The Threat Of War" was removed from Facebook after reaching 1 million people in a day! Why does Facebook not want the world to know the truth? Censorship is evil. The essay can still be read on


It is utterly mind-blowing. It is wicked. It is evil. It is unacceptable. How much more bloodshed, carnage, violence, insults and humiliation are the people of the South West expected to take? Soldiers are whipping our people like dogs in the street in order to reinstate those that are killing, raping and maiming them?

For soldiers to escort murderous Fulani herdsmen back to a community in Ogun state from which they were earlier evicted and then to publicly whip members of that community for evicting them simply beggars belief.

Have the people of the South West now become slaves in their fathers land? Have we finally been conquered and occupied?

Is our Army a Nigerian Army or a Fulani Army? Are the Fulanis superior to all others? Are they above the law? Is the Presidency a Nigerian Presidency or a Fulani Presidency? Why do they always speak out in defence of killer herdsmen and never for their victims?