$ex before marriage is a sin even if you use c0ndom $ex is $ex - Comedian Woli Arole says
Comedian, Woli Arole, has taken to social media to advice his followers on what sexual purity is.

According to the thespian, sex before marriage is a sin even if an intending couple uses a condom.

He said this via his Twitter handle. He wrote:  ”Sex before MARRIAGE is a SIN, even if you use CONDOMN it’s still a SIN. God has told us to repent of every form of unrighteousness. Start the year with a fresh relationship with Jehovah!!!!.’

Below are some comments that trailed the post :

Dee wrote ;

Call sex by its name like fornication and adultery. In my cause of spiritual walk these two act is a channel through which we open to allow Satan’s demons to torment our business, family, finances, health but many won’t believe this because of the pleasures sex sent to the body.

Duduinc wrote ;


Nothing wey no be SIN again for this life. Is it the food we eat or the cloth we wear, No one is Holy. Lets just keep asking for forgiveness because we don’t know the sins that are really SINS

Kemi wrote ;

So also is sex outside marriage. If we can adhere to this, we won’t have to worry about the result of the DNA test