Elon Musk, an atheist, just became the richest man in the world, No tithes, no offerings, If you like drop your salary as first-fruit seed - Man
A Nigerian man identified as Ben X on twitter has reacted after Elon musk became the Richest man in the world. According to him, Elon Musk is an atheist, doesn't pay tithes and offerings but Christians would pay tithes, offerings, seed in the name of prosperity.

On Twitter, He wrote: Elon Musk, an atheist, just became the richest man in the world.

No tithes, no offerings, no breakthrough seeds, just innovation.

If you like still drop your January salary as first-fruit seed.

I think I need to point out that this isn't an anti-religion tweet, but a pro-commonsense tweet. I'm completely disinterested in your flavour of religion.

You can still be a Christian without starving your family in Feb because you gave you Jan salary to your millionaire pastor.

With or without paying tithes & offerings, you can still prosper.


2 + 2 = 4 


2 + 2 + X = 4


with or without X, 2 + 2 will always equal 4;

it means that X is inconsequential & not a necessary condition for the equation. Which means tithes and offerings are of no effect.

All of you defending why you must give their January salary to your pastor did not stop to think & question who your pastor gives his own January salary to. 

Your pastor is on Twitter; he's not defending first-fruit seed, but you're doing so. 

'Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop'.

Una wan obey Old Testament yet the same OT say if babe marry & she no be virgin, dem suppose bring am out make d full community stone am. When e reach that side, una go say,  "Jesus has paid with his blood". But e be like say that payment no cover tithes bcos money is involved.

To all my new followers, I'll follow back later. It seems this people have started fighting for God (or rather, their pastors) by reporting my account. My twitter account has been misbehaving. I can't retweet and follow people.