Drama as police officer catches his wife with another man (video)
A Police officer has left his wife on the street after he caught her with a man who seemingly is her boyfriend.

In a video shared online, the Policeman was seen querying a young man while a young woman stood by a vehicle.

He had spotted them, asked them to pull over, searched the man and asked a few questions. When the young man he saw with the lady queried why he was asking him about their dating, the Policeman revealed the lady was his wife, and the young man couldn't help but be shocked.

The Policeman then asked the young man to bring out her stuffs from his car, and drive off. 

Turning to his wife, he asked her to get her mom to take her off where she is, and get her remaining things away from his house.

The cop’s wife had signed up on Tinder, the world’s most popular dating app, identifying to be single. She then agreed with the young man on a date and ever since, they had been going out.

According to the young man, this was about their 3rd or 4th time out, and he never knew she was married.