Don’t be shy to call yourself a Biafran or Oduduwa, That’s your real identity - Nnamdi Kanu Tells freedom fighters
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has urged freedom fighter not to be shy to call themselves Biafrans or Oduduwas stating that it is their real Identity

On Twitter, He wrote: "After killing all the Habe rulers of Hausa kingdoms, they used age old Taqiyya to hold them down by calling them ‘Hausa-Fulanis’. Today most Hausa people are in IDP Camps begging for their life. Hausas have really suffered, now is the right time for them to wake up."

"Don’t be shy to call yourself a #Biafran or #Oduduwa. That’s your identity from the beginning of time. Be proud of it. That’s who you were before some British mistress artificially named you #Nigeria, a demeaning misnomer that has brought tears & blood to your lives up."