Come back Home, There is a plot against Southerners in the North - Rights Group warns Igbos, Yorubas, others
A private Human Right group/investigator identified as 99% OPPRESSED has warned Southerners living in the Northern part of Nigeria to relocate back home, alleges there is a plot against Southerners and their properties in the North.

Recall that Miyetti Allah and Fulani association had warned the southerners to Leave the North as Fulani herdsmen are been evicted from the south.

Reports has it that the Fulanis are planning to attack Southerners in the Northern states of Nigeria.

On Twitter, The group wrote: WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!

"There is a plot against Southerners, and their properties in the North. They want to make it look like reprisals against Fulani's in the South. If you are a Southerner that resides in the North, please be very careful. If you can relocate, do it ASAP."

The group added: "This one is different. I didn't put out all the information, because I don't want to heat up the polity. But believe me, this plot is quite different."

"What has security agents done with my numerous info to them. They rather sell my identity, by exposing me to the perpetrators for a sum. Some even collect money in order to arrest me. For now, i just put it out in public through my Twitter handle. Anyone could use it as caution."