Chaos as Nigerian soldiers block many Night Buses in Edo, demand N1,000 Bribe from each (video)
A video shared online shows the moment some Nigerian blocked hundreds of Night Luxury Buses coming the Eastern part of Nigeria to Lagos, others, demand N1,000 Bribe from each.

In the video shared by one of the passengers identified as Chukwuebuka Leonard, Hundreds of Passengers is seen protesting as the Driver refused to give N1,000 Each to the soldiers at the checkpoint.

"We have been here since 3 am, I am rushing to Lagos to catch a flight but see where I am, the drivers said they can't continue to give N1,000 to the soldiers everyday." the passenger said.

The stranded passengers are seen burning tyre asking the soldiers to let them go.

According to the passenger, the were delayed for over 5 hours by the soldiers.