Change the Name Now! - Biafrans reacts as Igbo man Launches Airline called 'United Nigeria', vows to boycott the flight (video)
Biafrans are reacting as An Igbo man identified as Dr. Obiorah Okonkwo from Ogidi Anambra state Launched an Airline in Nigeria called 'United Nigeria' which began operation today, Friday, 12th Feb. 2021.

Recall that United Nigeria Airlines has been granted an Air Operator Certificate. An air operator’s certificate is the approval granted by a national aviation authority to an aircraft operator to allow it to use aircraft for commercial purposes. The license was granted by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority.

Most Biafrans slammed  Dr. Obiorah Okonkwo for using the Name "UNITED NIGERIA" stating that Nigeria is not United and as an Igbo Man he should have used another name instead of mocking the Biafran Agitation.

Most of the Igbos vowed never to board the Airline as the name is against the Agitation of Biafra and does not show he (the owner) has interest in the Agitation for freedom.

Some said he used the name UNITED NIGERIA so as to get quick approval as other Airline may be pending approval. He might also be denied License that was why he used the Name.

It is an open secret that the Nigerian Government may not approve a Name that will not support the unity of Nigeria since its from the Igbo tribe.

Some IPOB members asked the Airline to change the Name else they wouldn't board the Airline.

Igbo Newscaster and Promoter, Mazi Ifeanyi Nwosu got some terrifying comments after he board the United Nigeria flight to the southeast from Lagos.

Sharing the Video, He wrote: "Today I, Mazi Ifeanyi Nwosu(Onyeije) will be one of the 1st passengers to board United Nigeria Airline."

"As Onye Ije, I was so excited the day their Aircrafts arrived Nigeria in least we can now have more Airlines for local trips."

"Pls let's patronize this Airline to make them grow like other Airlines especially in this critical time of nsogbu ụwa."

"Their fares are as low as 23k (Imagine)"

"God bless our brother and the CEO of this company Dr. Obiorah Okonkwo from Ogidi Anambra state. (Igbo nwere mmadụ hooha)"

"Just click www.flyunited and book ur tickets at the comfort of ur home/office.(Nke a bụkwanụ nke anyị) "



After he posted this on Facebook, Biafrans Reacts.

 Osita Okoye: "Some of our Igbo people are forcing themselves to be United with Nigeria, we are busy fighting for our freedom why those that is looking for they pocket is trying to withdraw us back, what a shame but thank God is very too late for them."

Ugonabo At Last: "Brother we all Igbo support your progress but Please change that your business name airplane."

Frank Franko: "I rather treck from Lagos to owerri than to book a flight that the name has nail plpl down in this contraption. The airline will die a natural death just like Nigeria is doing"

Ginika: "Mazi Ifeanyi Nwosu, You're advertising poverty. What make Nigeria united. I hate Empty big grammar. Just take a look at that rubbish and wretched airport and it bloody environment"

Ifeanyi Jimmy: "United??? There's no Unity in Naija, According to what you are saying, the name should be Igboezue Airliine."

Chibuzor: "The name of the Air line is error 😂. And the price can't move me before person go carry me land for NWA orieline in Owerri 🙄 instead of Sam Mbakwe"

Ugwu James: "The man is doing his business but he should not force us to be one, all I know is that Nigeria is not United, let's stop deceiving ourselves, until peace and justice prevail Nigeria can never be united. Anyway congrats, do your business and make your money, but leave United alone"

Duru Promise: "Please my fellow igbos let us not try to board that flight the name of that flight is evil is un called for, how can a reasonable igbo man named his airline such dibolic name,"

Chidi Ebere: "Mazi Ifeanyi does that mean that the man (Dr Obiorah Okonkwo ) has not adviser or what? Is his adviser from Sambisa Forest because that's the only place Nigerians are united. Why all this foolishness on the part of our Igbo people, why?"

Edwin Uzoamaka: "If the Nigeria can be killing it citizens that hold flag meaning the united Nigeria plane will one day end the people he is carrying life because that name Nigeria have expire" etc...




Dr. Obiorah Okonkwo - CEO UNITED NIGERIA.

Dr. Obiorah Okonkwo - CEO UNITED NIGERIA.