Calling Nigeria a zoo is actually a compliment, Nigeria is worse than a Zoo - Aisha Yesufu
The Convener of Bring Back our Girls movement has said that Nigeria is worse than a zoo because killings don't happen in the Zoo but they happen in Nigeria.

On Twitter she wrote; "Calling Nigeria a zoo is actually a compliment. It is worse. Killings don't happen in zoos indiscriminately. It is more like a jungle but then killings in jungles is for a purpose. Nigeria is in a category of itself where killings happen indiscriminately with no purpose."

"Its mostly people that stay in cities and hardly ever travel that say Nigeria is working. Most times, that statement comes from a selfish place. Go see where dem dey hang drip for tree for patients, or where dem dey behead anyhow or where families dey slave for 10k monthly!"

"When someone is killed we do the sorrys and rest in peace and move on! We never imagine it will be us next or our loved ones.There lies the selfishness that keeps blinding us. We forget today's victims were yesterday's survivors and tomorrow's victims would be today's survivors!"

"For one murdered person's death that made it to social media, hundreds other murdered deaths didn't. The killers are going about emboldened and free to roam the streets to kill more while the government that is supposed to protect lives abdicate its responsibilities."

"We are invoking prayers and cursing the killers instead of apprehending them. Did God not prescribe punishment for those who take life He created? So why are you then leaving everything to God?"

"You cannot just respect a country just because it is a country. That country has to be deserving of that respect. "

"What has Nigerian youth got to respect Nigeria for?"

"The ASUU strikes?"

"The unemployment?"

"The kidnappings?"

"The killings by terrorists"

"The killings by security agents?" she wrote.