Black Nurse catches white female Doctor allegedly trying to kill a patient to blame CȪV!D-I9 (video)
A Video shared online shows the moment a black female Doctor caught another Female white Doctor allegedly Trying to kill an Indian Patient to blame COV!D-I9.

In the video, the Black Nurse was questioning the white female doctor.

According to the Black Nurse, the white Doctor said the Patient is Unconscious that is why she wanted to attend to him but the Patient in question is not unconscious.

The black doctor accused the white female doctor of trying to kill the patient.

The patient's voice could be heard in the Background saying "It's possible" to show support for the Black Doctor"

The Nurse keep questioning the White doctor, "You said he is unconscious and you want to give him some medications, is that unconscious to you?

The White doctor replied "I don't want to talk to you"

However, the hospital where the incident took place is unknown.

A social media user who shared the video, wrote: "Shocking,  Black nurse exposing white female doctor who was attempting to kill Indian patient and blame Cov!d.. Pass it on to all, let this go viral now"