Bishop Kukah Has Absolutely Nothing to Apologies About - Femi Kayode Replies Muslim Forum
There have been so many misinformation about the violence attack on Capitol ground and President Trump reputation, misguided utterances by some muslim groups threatening Bishop Kukah to tender unreserved apologize or leave Sokoto and many other anomalies that portends Nigeria.

However, the former Nigerian Ministry of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani Kayode has responded to these controversies.

According to Femi,

"Those who want to make between one to three million naira today should take up my challenge and do one or all of the following. 

1. Show me a video of Donald Trump inciting people to violence on the day of or the day before the protest at the Congress or send me a video of him specifically calling for violence during that occasion and I will give you one million naira.

2. Show me a video of Muhammadu Buhari apologising and expressing regret for the brutal slaughter of innocent southern Youth Corpers by HIS supporters in the North during the 2011 presidential election and I will give you 1 million naira.

3. Show me a video of Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah insulting or calling for violence against Muslims in his Christmas Day homily or inciting people against Islam and I will give you one million naira.

On number 3, considering the fact that Kukah has been threatened and his life may well be in danger, permit me to add the following.

He did not attack or insult Islam and he has absolutely nothing to apologise about. He has always sought for religious tolerance and peaceful co-existence between Christians and Muslims. 

Those that demand that he "must apologise" or "leave Sokoto" must mind their utterances and keep the peace. Meanwhile I await the video". 

___FFK, January 13, 2021.