Biafra: We are the “biggest criminals” because we are fighting for freedom - Nnamdi Kanu's secretary says
Nnamdi kanu's principal Secretary, Carolyn Uchenna Okorafor has called out the Nigerian Government for proscribing IPOB, Tagging Nnamdi Kanu a Criminal.

On Twitter, she wrote: "Nigerian Army you use your title to partake in corruption and terror. Your job is to protect your citizens and not RAPE innocent women and hold them captive under what crime? INJUSTICE IS YOUR TRUE NAME! RELEASE THE 53 WOMEN IN DSS that are detained in Abuja!."

"Nigerian Army during October and November of last year, you abducted 53 Obigbo Young Women, Serially Raped For Weeks At Mogadishu Army Barracks (Abuja) And Dumped Afterwards In DSS! These women are still in DSS custody and have not been released!."

"We are the “biggest criminals” because we are fighting for the freedom of people! We are fighting against corruption, crime, and injustice that the #Nigerian government continues to practice time after time! If you call @MaziNnamdiKanu , a criminal... ADD ME TO THAT LIST!."

"If the government cannot protect you! You have every right to defend yourself! @HQNigerianArmy take notes!."