BIAFRA and ODUDUWA holds Meeting in US for the disintegration of Nigeria (video)
Biafrans and Yorubas recently held a meeting in the United states of America (USA) for the disintegration of Nigeria.

In a video shared online, monitored by a Centapost Reporter, they discussed the History of Igbos and Yorubas, Amalgamation of Nigeria, Vows to do anything possible to breakout of Nigeria.

The first female speaker who is a Yoruba said: “We need to know our history so that these non-entities, this idiotic Human beings (Fulanis) will not come into our Land and tell us what to do.

"The Fulani’s are less than 1% of who we are in Nigeria, they are less than 3 million and Nigeria’s Population is over 200 million.”

She called out Britain for aiding the amalgamation of Nigeria, send serious warning to them.

“Britain, if you are hearing me, you are put on notice, you are not going to get away with it, your useless contraction called Amalgamation of Nigeria is already overdue. The Biafrans and the Yoruba Nation are not going to take it anymore.”

“From my research, the Igbo people are Living in their area since 13th century, I also Learnt that the Igbos come from ERI, ERI happens to be the grandson of GAD, and GAD happens to be the 7th son of Israel of Jacob in the Bible.”

She added that If the Igbos have been existing for that long, how can the Fulani’s come and tell them how to rule their Land, and how to rule their resources.

“We will not allow the Fulani’s to take over our Land, maybe because we have been soft with them”

She explained how her grandfather use to have Fulani’s and Hausas, give them money and give them food and later they want to turn around and bite the finger that fed them.

“I will be 65years in the Next three months, I don’t want to earn this contraption called Nigeria to my grandchildren”

“I also Learnt that the Igbos are the smartest in Nigeria, according to research. And if they have been that long managing their resources, enterprising, nobody should dictate to them how to run their lives.”

“Yoruba People are Educated, very sophisticated but the Yoruba’s are too accommodating, they allowed foreigners from everywhere to come because they believe that what is good for me should also be people around me, and they allowed the Fulani’s to come, but it’s a shame because right now, the Yorubas don’t even have a Nation, they don’t have themselves, the Fulanis are supervising everything they are doing, right now a master degree hold as a Yoruba does not have a Job in Nigeria. But a Fulani or Hausa man who went to Primary 2 is now a Commissioner, is now a director.”

In the Video you are about to watch, She added that Yorubas are like animals in the contraption called Nigeria, Slams British Government for joining the Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo Nations and called it Nigeria.

She further stated that Nigeria is NIGGA – AREA, and the man called Lord Lugard that is rotten in his grave named us Nigeria. Adding that the word NIGGA does not represent The Yorubas and Biafrans because we are civilized, cultured, successful people.

An Igbo man who chaired the meeting said: “Igbos and Yorubas will go to college and then come back and start riding Okada, somebody that has been rearing cattle for all his life will come and then be your Boss, it not going to happen. Biafra is here already, Oduduwa is here already.

He added that people like Okorocha and Tinubu, others are do not want Nigeria to breakup because they want to keep the money, they stole for their children but they are going to lose it.

Furthermore, they Thanked Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of IPOB for Launching eastern security Network to protect Lives and properties in the Eastern.

“We thank Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for giving us Eastern Security Network and very soon they will know where they are. They would want to run but they will not know where to run to, they will come in and perish.”

Another man said that the Only people that insisted on one Nigeria are the Igbos, somebody like Aguiyi Ironsi, and that’s what killed him. Hausa insisted on Leaving Nigeria.

A South South man said: “Nigeria was created for the exploitation of the Colonial Monsters not masters; they gave us almost everything that we practice. Eg: Our Education, Judiciary, Law Enforcement, definition of affection, even the interpretation of Almighty.

“The same colonial monsters gave us Jesus, let’s not forget that we are Africans, we are not Europeans, right from this moment we have to start removing this reference to Jesus because it taking us to Nowhere”

“We have to come back to be ourselves, even our Educated ones don’t even speak our Language to our Children, freedom comes from your mind before you get physical freedom.”

“Nigeria’s motto is UNITY AND FAITH, PEACE AND PROGRESS but I have never seen where there have been peace, UNITY and progress in Nigeria.

In the Meeting they vowed to Fight for freedom till it comes, says it is the responsibility of every human to determine their own destiny and they cannot relent for the benefit of our children children we cannot give up.