Bandits are shy people – Sheikh Gumi says
Islamic cleric and scholar, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has said bandits are very shy people.

He stated this in an interview with The PUNCH, adding that bandits as very shy people who are only interested in their cows.

Gumi said should the federal government choose to grant them amnesty, they would surrender their arms.

He said;

“These people (bandits) know how to organise themselves and protect themselves and they have started attacking villages all around. Once you touch one of them, the whole of them will come together to attack a village. They mobilise themselves through the bush. So, it is not good to attack them, honestly speaking.

“The Hausa are suffering and they have therefore stopped attacking the Fulani herdsmen. So, we should not attack them. We should just pacify them and they are a very shy people. If you meet them, they are very shy.

“When you offer them amnesty, they drop their weapons. Then you go in, build schools for them, build hospitals for them, get them censored; get them registered; then you can control (them).

“You can’t have access to them through the gun. Honestly, they know the terrain in the bush more than our military. So, it is better to negotiate with them.”