As a Christian, it is wrong and dangerous to listen to Worldly, Secular music - Gospel Artiste, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye
Nigerian Gospel Artiste, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye, son of popular gospel dramatist Mike Bamiloye has said that As a Christian, it is wrong and dangerous to listen to Worldly music.

Jaymikee as Joshua Mike-Bamiloye is popularly called had done a thread on Christians listening to secular music back in September, and has brought it up again amidst some questions. Breaking down what secular music is, Joshua insists it is wrong for Christians to listen to some certain types of secular music.

He wrote: “So the question is should Christians listen to secular songs? Here’s my opinion, Since we’ve established secular to mean “not connected to religion or spiritual matters”, it’s safe to say that AS CHRISTIANS, Non worldly-secular songs are like junk food. I call them that because eating them every now and then though isn’t beneficial to your (spiritual) health won’t kill either, but having them in large quantity (compared to quantity of healthy food) OR living off of them ALONE is dangerous to your health and can lead to death That’s basic. This also means that the healthiest way is to simply do without them and stick to fresh foods I.e “gospel/Christian music

“Because Music draws your attention (consciously or subconsciously) to its topics, as a Christian you’ll be better off drawn to God’s presence more often than to any other. Worldly-Secular music on the other hand are drops of poison to your spirit man. Music is the only element that gains access to your heart and spirit without your permission. Whatever content the music carries, be it immorality, lust, love of money, envy or pride goes straight into you and sticks its root into the soil of your heart. As a Christian, it is wrong and dangerous to listen to Wordly music. It is even worse for a Christian who has many young Christian followers to encourage this. You have no idea the level of damage you’re causing on them. In conclusion, always remember that your body is the temple of God and this includes your heart. Guard its gateway against polluting content. God bless”, he wrote.