Africans are not the children of God, they are more like children (slaves) of European kings and Queens - Nnamdi kanu (photos)
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has said that Africans are not the children of God, adding that they are more like the children, slaves of European Kings and Queens.

Showing off the Nigeria Amalgamation Building, He wrote: " A White man and his baby girl traveled all the way from the British Isles, a whopping 4,164.2 miles to Lokoja to create a country the pair named #Nigeria for the shameless, unthinking miserable souls in the #Zoo. "

"In one fell swoop, all the history of your existence as a race of people, some dating back to 5,000 years, was obliterated in one night by a drunken woman and all you can do is sit back and claim in your monumental ignorance that you are a proud Nigerian. You have NO iota of shame, honour or dignity. Tufiakwa!"

"What do you think your ancestors will make of your mind numbing ignorance? With all your education, intellect and wisdom, what have you done to correct this sad tale? Can you as a black African travel to Europe to create a country for them? "

"Evidently present day Africans cannot claim they were created by Almighty God, because in TRUTH they are products of European conquerors. They are not the children of God, they are more like the  children (slaves) of European kings and queens that created and named them despite their warped education."

"The problem of Africa lies in our brain and how we reason. We still cannot articulate a way out of the mess European colonialism put us all in. Genuine independence of ethnic nationalities from these artificially created neo-colonial enclaves you call countries/nations in Africa is the only solution. "

"How can you proudly refer to yourself as a Nigerian after looking at this building? Nigerians, I feel sorry for you lot!"