Abomination?: Nigerian Lady named 'Man of the Year' in Imo state (photos)
For the first time in history, A Nigerian Lady Identified as Lesley Agams has been given the "Man of The Year" award in Umuaka, a community in Imo state.

Umuaka Times declared Lesley Agams the Man of the Year for Umuaka community in recognition of her "intervention programs in building the capacity of Umuaka women."

According to reports, She is a former Oxfam Country Director in Nigeria. She moved to her town in Imo state to aid development in the state and is now getting recognized for it.

Some say it's an abomination as it is not supposed to happen in Igbo Land.

In reply, she wrote on twitter: "It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life And I'm feeling good!"