95% Of Nigeria Women Gets Their Employment Letters In Hotel Rooms – Israel DMW Asserts
In a post sighted on his Instagram page, he slammed their cheating attitude in questions for jobs. He considered them all to be serial cheats due to how they do get their name on the employment list. Israel DMW hinted at the fact that female bankers do get their appointment letter in a hotel room.

It has not yet been discovered why he brought up such assertions but it could be from an issue at hand.

Israel is thinking this way because of corruption in the country. It happens in every sector depending on the kind of job one is looking for. Some managers in charge, do give conditions with regards to their recruitment, especially to the ladies. Some of them do request for sex to give them jobs in return, however, they end up in the hotel rooms to do what they have been instructed to do by the leaders before an appointment letter is given.

He wrote

“95 percent of Nigeria female bankers are serial cheats. They usually get their employment letters in a hotel room”

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