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My wife refused to give me Doggy style after she turned ‘Born Again’ in 2020 – Nigerian man

Man seeks for advise after his wife turned born again and refused to give him Doggy style, others.

According to the man, narrating his story to Joro, the Popular relationship blogger, the heartbroken man said his pastor had said that some styles are not holy, so the wife stocked to that.

He wrote: “My wife was called last year December, she gave her life and became a worker in our parish. she lost her job because of Coro.”

“Am Okay with Born again part because am a strong Believer too. My Mother was a deaconess, May she rest in peace.”

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“But the issue started when she refuse to me doggy and Bj in our home. she said she can’t do such, this is my wife.”

“We had meeting as per counseling with our pastor and he said some syles are not holy, After that day i stop believing in that church.”

“My wife still goes there and she stopped sending her CV to get proper Job. I am making good pay so the Job is not my Issue.”

“How will I be in a marriage without Doggy style or BJ?”

“I learnt one style called tsumani on web she refuse me too.”

“Please am I wrong?”

“Born again Christian in Joro am I wrong?”

“My wife said she can’t feel comfy on praying after.”


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