My Parents Are Trying All They Can For Them To Kill Me Just Because I Turned A Christian, Please Pray For Me — Ibrahim Abdullahi Begs

Ibrahim Abdullahi is a Fulani who was a Muslim But now a christian.

Ibrahim Abdullahi shared his story and encounter of how he became a christian and how his parents seek to kill him because of his newly found faith.

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He shared this on a 4 minutes video.

His encounter with the word of truth began when out of curiosity he met his Christian neighbor to give him the bible to read, the neighbor reluctantly gave him and when he opened it the first time he saw the books of the bible starting from Jeremiah, Isaiah Nehemiah and so on, he laughed and threw the Bible on the floor saying these christians are mad people, so all they do is study past prophets.

He eventually slept off leaving the bible on the floor, but when he woke up he saw the Quran on the floor and the bible on his bed, he thought someone was playing prank on him he stood up to check outside if someone sneaked in to do that as he was stepping out he heard someone called his name and when he turned it was Jesus.

Jesus then Said to him “he is the way the truth and light and without him no one can see God” the Lord also told him that through him so many people will be save and if he did not heed to his voice they will all rote in hell.

When his family realize he no longer do the normal Muslim prayer they investigated him closely and realize he is doing the christian prayer to God, they did everything possible thinking may be someone had charmed him, they bath him with all sort of leaf’s but to no avail.

The last option they had was to kill him, they used knife but it didn’t penetrate, they used gun but the bullet couldn’t harm him, they used acid but it didn’t react to his skin.

They now lock him up to Steve and die, but then Jesus appeared to him like in a dream held his hand and walk him out where he was locked. The next morning he woke up sleeping by the gate of a seminary from where he recorded his experience.