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My Mother In-Law is Dead, I am happy – Married woman Rejoices (see why)

A married woman from Nigeria (name withheld) has taken the social media to tell her friends that her mother in-law has passed away.

It is an Open secret that most Ladies don’t want to get married to a man whose mother is still alive due to some believes or issues best known to them. especially in Nigeria, Ladies describe Most mother In-Laws as wicked, witchcraft, evil. some Ladies even pray for their mother In-Law to die but in this case the woman said the mother In-law wished her death with pregnancy over an unknown reason.

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According to the pregnant woman, the mother in-law wished her death but she died first, she is currently happy and was suggesting if she could dance makosa with her pregnancy to celebrate the Death of her Husband’s Mother.

sharing the story, she wrote: “Pls I want to ask, if your mother in-law told you,you will d*e with pregnancy except she is not alive now died.Am I suppose to do thanksgiving or cry, because to dance makosa with this belle dey hungry me, she tormented me so badly, today she has passed away do I dance or cry if you were me what will you do?”


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