My long-time boyfriend is getting married to a lady he met through me 6 months ago — Heartbroken lady cries out

A South African lady has taken to social media to lament that her long time boyfriend is getting married to another lady.

According to the young woman identified on Twitter as Lorrain, she and her boyfriend had been dating for four years.

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She revealed that he is set to marry a lady he met through her six months ago.

She wrote: ”My boyfriend of 4 years is marrying someone he met through me 6 months ago, i don’t understand.”

See Lorrain’s post;


@sthebeworldwide; It shows duration isn’t everything, you were not the type he saw to marry, crazy how you still refer him as your boyfriend. He’s getting married, work on being the bridesmaid so far

@GMcckey; The more he got to know you the more he began to question even the smallest of things. He found reasons in his heads why he can’t marry you.

@NickJeanPierre2; The real truth… You became boring. The guy just had enough of the same routine, the normal comfort zone, the mundane relationship that was going nowhere. How I figured this out? The woman he married took the plunge while the relationship was still fresh. Waiting is a weakness!