My husband is impotent, he said I should look for any guy that can impregnate me for N10 Million – Wife

A Newly married Lady, Rosemary, Narrates how her husband asked her to get a guy who will impregnate her for 10 Million, because he is Impotent.

Narrating her story, she wrote: “I got married to my husband and he left me in the village with his mum and travelled back to Spain where he base without touching me.”

“I just woke up in the morning and they told me that my husband had urgent meeting and has left. when i called him on the phone, he said i should wait that he is processing my VISA, that i would join him soon.”

“1 year Later, No VISA, I have not seen my husband and i got worried, I threatened to leave the marriage.”

“To my greatest surprise, my husband sent me a Range Rover Jeep, Bought a house for me in Lagos, gave me plenty cash and told me to enjoy my life till he is back.”

“One day, I called him and asked why he would marry me and travel back to Spain without me, and he said if am feeling lonely that i should get a boyfriend. This even got me more worried.

“2 months later, I checked his Facebook profile and saw a white lady with him, i quickly called him and started nagging, he finally opened up to me that he is impotent and cannot impregnate me that I should look for a guy that can get me pregnant and he is willing to pay him N10 Million. I suggested we adopt a child but he refused. Even his parents are aware, they also begged me not to leave that my husband is their only child.”

“He said he had an accident and it affected his manhood. i cried and wept, Later, I gathered courage and have decided to follow his Idea.”

“The person will have to sign agreement with us never to make claims that he is the Biological father of the child.”