My husband beats me like an animal whenever he is angry — Wife of a policeman cries out

A lady identified as Kate Ojemma has cried out after her husband does beat her like an animal whenever he’s angry.

According to her, she said she has been married to her husband since 2008.

Since their marriage, she has given birth to four children and the oldest is just ten years old. kate has cried out to Nigerians to please help her.

She has been silent before because her husband threatened to kill her whenever she voices out.

She said that her husband would beat her with anything that he lays his hand upon.

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Could be a belt, iron, or even a gun. Mohammed Ojemma who is a policeman in Ogun state had said that he would get away with killing her because he’s a policeman.

Because of this reason, Kate has been silent all this while. While saying this, she said she doesn’t know if her husband would kill her for it.

Presently, he had chased her from the house. Collected the four children from her and all her belongings have been burnt by her husband.