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My Fiancee Is Fat, It Scares Me – Guy

A young guy has taken to social media to reveal that his fiancee’s stature scares him.

This anonymous guy made this known in a letter he wrote to the popular social media relationship coach, Abena Manokekame.

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According to him, he doesn’t like fat ladies adding that he is afraid the lady will get fatter after giving birth.

When asked if the lady was fat when he met her, he stated that the lady wasn’t fat when he met her.

The letter he sent to Abena reads;

“Hello abena, am dating a girl I really love her and loves me too. We ar ok together but de problem is she is fat and dat is scaring me away. Am afraid she may become more fat especially after giving birth since I naturally don’t like girl too fat girls. Please I need ur advice.

… she wasn’t dat fat n am ok hw I met her but she keep on increasing n am afraid she might increase more after given birth most ladies to become more fat after birth”

The post got some comments from social media users and some of these comments are;

Teeblessed Asiamah – Your gf should block you kraaa you don’t deserve her…. Leave her before you kill her with depression and madness

Kuukua Wilson – Ah this generation kids kraa some of y’all ain’t got no vision o
You don’t deserve her bro….leave my sister alone and go in for your skinny girl before you put a meter on her behind after you marry her
Yabl3 mo kraa🙄

Rosemary Kwakye Marfo – So what is Abena supposed to tell you ?
Is she supposed to assure you the lady will loose weight or that you will grow to love big girls ?
Is this a discussion between you and your partner or you and Abena

Isaac Tamakloe – Who else got dumped for being slim lol life no balance oooo. Some lady got her heart broken cos she has too much a$$ na berma no se opii ntem. One too cos she’s so pretty aaàh, another she get [email protected]@b$ but flat a$$ oh, again she smiles once a year, next one opree wo mpaso ne snoring. Boys be bad oooo some silly breakups nkoaa nowadays ooo. Anyway it could be the economy


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