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My 14-yr-old sister Poured Hot Water On Me, Because I Asked Her Why She Came Back Home By 11 pm – Brother Cries Out

A 14-year-old girl has poured hot water on her elderly brother, for questioning her whereabouts.

He told his interviewers that he only scolded her and gave her a little beating for coming back home around 11:06 pm, he was scared and tried calling her number but it was blocked.

According to him, “I thought my sister has being Kidnapped and taken for rituals.”

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With that fear and anger still boiling in him, he left home that night to search for her, and make acquiring if anyone would know her whereabouts. It was during his search that he saw her coming back on a bike, with the anger in him he slapped her twice, which he said she waved with her hands, he was held back from beating her by the bike man and those around.

He further added, that he wasn’t himself so he left to meet her friend who his sister often goes out with, warning her to stay away from his sister, that her influence isn’t helpful.

“I return home intending to still beat her, but my mind has cooled down, so I slept. Only to be woken up by my sister holding a bowl of hot water, telling me that I had the gods to beat her, before I could clean up my eyes I was soaked with hot water.”

The victim is presently at the hospital receiving treatment at the time this interview was made. He’s disappointed with his younger sister who is only 14 years old, according to him that wasn’t the first time his sister is coming home late. What are your thoughts on this?


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