Mosquitoes are biting Christians because of Noah, he didn’t prevent them from entering the ark — Pastor Says

Avraham Ben Moshe, leader and founder of Common Sense Family has asserted boldly on MO TV that every Christian should attribute the reason why mosquitoes are everywhere in the world to Noah in the Bible.

According to him, Noah would have prevented those two Mosquitoes from entering the ark God instructed him to make yet he sat idle and watch them enter the ark knowing very well what they can do to the health of man.

Avraham Ben Moshe made this reasonable and controversial statement while he was preaching to Ghanaians why they should forget about religion and focus on building the nation.

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We are made to believe that it got to a time where the Lord God wanted to destroy mankind and any other creature on earth for choosing a path that does not please him.

According to the bible, God found Noah as the only righteous man on earth and ordered him to make an ark to accommodate his family and any other people who will change from his or her way and run to him God.

After Noah took decades to preach the gospel according to the bible, no one changed his or her mind and so God instructed to accommodate animals in the ark.