Man proposes, God disposes — Man says in message to his girlfriend announcing his marriage to another woman

A young man’s message to his girlfriend announcing his marriage to another woman has stirred reactions on social media.

According to a Twitter user who shared screenshots of the message which she claimed was sent to her friend, the said man told his girlfriend about his upcoming marriage to another woman via Snapchat.

In the message he described the lady who he was leaving to get married to another woman as a beautiful woman with a golden heart, while he pleaded with her to remain friends with him.

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In his defense he noted that he was getting married to another woman because man can only propose but God makes everything happen in his own way.

The message reads,

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“I don’t wanna be your enemy and still wanna be that your good friend you can always call on and talk to you who sure want the best for you in all you do. You’re a wonderful woman with a golden heart and I always want the best for you. I’ll be getting married this weekend, it’s heavy for me to say to you but I just but I just gotta let you know this is happening. Man proposes, God dispose. I don’t have the guts to call and tell you. But I’m sorry I’m telling you really late, find somewhere in your heart to forgive me sure see you later and we talk”.