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Let’s All Forget About Biafra Because If War Breaks Our Wives And Young Girls Will Become Wives To Army Officers — Joe Igbokwe

Engineer Joe Igbokwe, the special adviser to the governor of Lagos State on Drainage and water resources, has chosen to once again educate those set of people that might be seeking for our country Nigeria to go into war about the consequences of what going into war might cause, were he said that those that are busy running to the war front might not have the knowledge that war means death.

In another post made by him, he said when war breaks out young girls and peoples wife would end up becoming wives to Army officers, saying he is speaking from the experience of the civil war that happened between 1967 and 1970, ending huss post with war time is whore time.

On seeing these posts made by Joe Igbokwe a lot of people chose to disagree with him, saying that there are many ways in which a country may decide to split without going to war, Citing different instances were that has happened, some let him know that is us not possible for Nigeria to go into war, as nobody is ready to lose his or her life for nothing.

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