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Lady Who Is Not A Wife Material Should not Be Looking For A Husband – Counselor

Renowned Ghanaian counselor, Counselor Frank Edem Adofoli has indicated that a lady who knows she is not a wife material should stop looking for a husband.

The renowned counselor made this known in a recent post he made on his official social media handle on the popular social media platform, Facebook.

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“It is alarming to know how a lot of singles are not marriage materials but are looking for marriage.

Some ladies of today are looking for husband material when they know very well they are not wife material.

Just as no one invests in something which has no future, no man will spend a dime with the aim of getting married to you if you refuse to add value to your life to become a marriage material first.

Many singles are out of order; with no work, no place of abode, no plan for the future, still perching with their friends and relying on parents for survival, yet are out there looking for a life partner.

It is a total shame you don’t have money to get a new boxer short but you are busily chasing a lady for sex, a lady for whom you don’t have what it takes to give her a new pant, even if she marries you.

Some ladies are putting pressure on men to come and see their families, to take them to the alter, whilst they have no moral standards, sleep with guys without knowing their surname, home or family.

A wife material does not sleep with a boyfriend rather a husband.

Instead of looking for a job to afford their basic needs, they are rather looking for men and pressurizing them for marriage and by so doing they can be taken care of.

If you have to get into a relationship just for help or to meet your needs, pay bills, school fees, rent, etc then you are not a marriage materials.

If all you do is to borrow clothes, take pictures with them, upload on social media just to get a guy to date, then you are not a marriage material.

There are ladies who cannot cook for themselves, wash their own clothes, clean their own home, or take better care of themselves but are in relationships and keep asking themselves, why is he not coming forward to ask for my hand in marriage? For some the men have gone for an engagement list from their family yet have no plans of getting married to them.

The reason why he is not getting married to you is because he doesn’t see a wife in you. You are not a wife material to him but he is comfortable having you as a girlfriend because you are a “girlfriend material”.

Just as no one puts money into a vending machine when it is out of order, so would a man never put something in a woman when she is out of order.

If you can’t help him to help you by putting your life in order, how can you help your marriage in the future when he marries you?

And guys, if you have your life in order, ready for marriage and meet a woman who has all it takes to be a wife for you, don’t play with her. Don’t waste her time.

If she can cook a meal in this world full of restaurants and processed microwaveable food, you have a wife material. If she can make time wash in the mist of all the laundry, you can be assured you have a wife material.

If you meet a woman who puts the things of God above telenovela and want to spend more time with you than the television, in this world of soap operas, then you can be sure you have found a wifely material.

If she claims to be in love with you yet very selfish, always at the receiving end, can’t do anything without expecting something in return then she is not wife material. You can’t have a lasting marriage without God’s building material called love.

If you meet someone who loves to serve and help others without asking for anything in return, who is selfless not selfish, then you have found a wife.

This is a woman who can give you the view of the future through their own actions and eyes. Be with someone who is trustworthy for you don’t have to rely on their “Trust Me” for their actions spoke the truth you need.

In conclusion “Our purpose is to do what is right, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of others” – 2 Corinthians 8:21 (GNT)”


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