Lady That I Entered the Same Bus with Was Rubbing My Leg — Man Narrates How a Lady Sexually Harassed Him in a Bus

A young Nigerian man on identified as @Chizom has taken to social to recount his experience with a lady in a bus.

Chizom revealed that the lady kept touching him inappropriately in the bus they were both in and narrated how the lady rubbed the back of her hands on his legs.

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According to Chizom, he cautioned her several times but the lady did not stop and after he registered his displeasure in the act by the lady, the lady apologized.

After enduring it for a while he could no longer bear it and had to alight from the bus and walked to work.

Here is his tweet;

“This lady inside the bus was using the back of her hand to rub my leg (I was wearing shorts). I shifted and few mins later, she came closer and continued.

I told her to stop and she said “I am sorry, I will try”. I got down early and treked to work today.”