Lady commits suicide after her boyfriend got married to the friend she used to test his loyalty

A lady has allegedly taken her own life after her friend backstabbed her and got married to her man

According to Twitter user @PabloHoggs, who shared the story, she had sent the said friend to test her boyfriend’s loyalty and faithfulness.

To her utmost shock, she eventually got news that her boyfriend and friend did their wedding ceremony in the Muslim way.

Following the incident, the lady committed suicide and her body was found.

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@PabloHoggs narrated; ”So a babe set her boyfriend up with her close friend, saying she wants to test his loyalty and stuff.

His boyfriend and close friends just did nikkah or nikai (Muslim way) yesterday. News just got to me now

UPDATE: Omooooooo the babe committed suicide o. They found her body this morning…. Ahhhh”

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