Just In: Don’t Say I Did Not Warn You, in the Next 14 days, What Will Happen Will Shake the World, People Will Di£ — Nnamdi Kanu (Video)

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) says more intimidation from the Nigerian government and its army will only quicken, or draw near the restoration of Biafra sovereignty

The IPOB leader on a live broadcast on Sunday (16th may) vowed not to stop the agitation and promised to recruit more personnel.

The Nigerian Army and other security agencies have launched a manhunt for members of the Eastern Security Network, the security arm floated by the IPOB Leader to checkmate Fulani disastrous and criminal activities in the forests and bushes in the Eastern region of Nigeria.

In the process of illegally engaging IPOB and ESN members, there have been reports of killing of civilians in the South-East, notably in Imo State due to air bombardments and ground raids by military personnel.

Many Igbo leaders have criticised the Nigerian government and the military for this.

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“Let this be clear: This unwarranted siege of Biafraland must stop. Or we stop it. The siege won’t make us back down from restoring #Biafra. It will rather strengthen our resolve and recruit more faithful to the cause. The more you siege, the closer Biafra beckons,”

“In the next 14days, what will happen will shake the world, people will d*e . The whole world will stand still, mark my word”