Igbos don’t need one voice Because only fools speak with one voice – Ohanaeze PG, Obiozor

Ohanaeze Ndigbo president, Professor George Obiozor has said that Igbo don’t need to speak with one voice to achieve what they want because only fools speaks with one voice.

Obiozor said this while during Ohanaeze Ndigbo meeting in Imo state, He added that It’s time for Igbos to Rule Nigeria and nothing can stop it, asserting that Igbos are the Pillars of Nigeria.

Obiozor said that Igbos have been marginalized and they remained calm for long but its time for them to use their talents.

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“Igbo man is not a greedy man and lazy man, they know how to lead and share things, Igbo presidency will Embrace Justice, If Nigerians live in the moon, the Igbo man is there.”

“Speaking with one voice is not acceptable, One voice is dictatorial, Igbos will turn difficulties into dividends for Nigeria. Obstacles into Opportunities. etc..