If you need your parent’s permission to marry someone, then you are not ready for marriage – counselor

A Nigerian Marriage counselor Identified as Solomon Buchi has said that if singles need their parent’s permission get married to anyone, then they are not ready for marriage.

On Twitter, he wrote: “If you need your parent’s permission to marry someone, you probably aren’t ready for marriage.”

“I guess my message is: just because you think you can afford to easily divorce someone in marriage doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in so much intentionality into marrying right. Even getting a divorce is so much mental and emotional pain. It’s difficult.”

“Divorce in many cases does something to you. Makes you more apprehensive towards love. It closes you up. It’s hard to get a divorce. Really hard for many people.”

“Pls, try to get it right by marrying the right person. Yes, we live in times where it’s easy and encouraged to get a divorce, but what people don’t tell you is that divorce is hard. Even when you’re divorcing an abusive partner, it’s hard to let go of someone you gave your all.”

If you’re a divorcée, share lessons from your experience to help single and unmarried young folks. Thank you.

“I also think that it’s sayings as this that make men obsessed with respect from their women when they aren’t even respecting them. This love thing is simple. Love is the foundation of every good virtue. I don’t mean feelings. I mean LOVE.”

“I love how Don Jazzy took responsibility for the fact that he messed up the marriage with his ex-wife. I love how he still appreciated her & acknowledged that she’s a great person. Let’s normalize speaking good of people we once shared our hearts with.”

“Break up isn’t always evil. I mean, just because you broke up with someone or they broke up with you doesn’t make them necessarily evil. Sometimes two amazing people might just not be mature enough to make a relationship work, and that’s fine.”

“I get that some of you will come with defenses like: “my ex was very wicked…I can’t say anything good about him/her”. Well, maturity will teach you to let bygones be bygones and that people also get better, and you should not cling to your past experience with them.”

“If you’re a Christian, but you won’t marry someone because they are from the Osu descent. My guy, you don’t what you’re doing. Christ died for everyone, and you’re here marginalizing people because man made tradition? Some of you are baby Christians and you need to grow up.”