If you meet any guy named Charles or Michael please don’t date him — Heartbroken lady

A heartbroken lady has taken to social media to warn her fellow ladies on the kind of men they should avoid for a relationship because of her experience.

The name whose identity was not revealed shared two names who are likely to destroy a woman’s heart if they go into a romantic affair with them.

The lady warned ladies to stay off men who are called Charles or Michael as she revealed that the only thing that will surely happen to them at the end is heartbreak, therefore women should not date them.

She noted that she is yet to recover from her heartbreak, however, she does not want to curse them because the curse will be on their heads for the rest of the lives.

Writing to a popular relationship expert, the embittered unknown lady;

“If I naked myself and curse

they will suffer for plenty years.

If you meet any guy named Charles or

Micheal, please don’t date them.

You will suffer heartbreak

I hope I recover from this

Thank you”