If You Marry The Wrong Person At The Right Time, The Marriage Will Collapse — Reno Omokri Reveals

Many marriages have ended in divorce in today’s culture as a result of people marrying wrong women.

This occurs as a result of ongoing miscommunication between spouses.

Reno Omokri reveals that getting married should not be predicated on the fact that your juniors or friends have already done it. Instead of marrying because you think the moment is appropriate, marry because the person you’ve chosen is the right fit for you and you can communicate with each other at all times.

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Reno went on to say that in marriage, the right person chooses the appropriate time, so don’t rush into it if you aren’t ready so you may have peace of mind and create the best family.

If you compare yourself to others because they are married and end up marrying the wrong person, your relationship will be toxic. For you to be at peace, other people’s deadlines should not be yours.