If you borrow money from your man, payback in cash, not in bed — Lady tells Nigerian women

A Nigerian writer identified as EbubeNna @Grace_undiluted on microblogging platform, Twitter has admonished women to endeavour to pay back money borrowed from their partner.

She said women should pay back any money they borrow in cash and not just assume that their intimate moments in bed can be interpreted to mean they have paid back in kind.

The lady further asked them to be sincere with their demand, by stating clearly to their partners if they want free money or a loan.

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EbubeNna wrote; ”Ladies if you borrow money from your man, pay back in cash please. It’s not fair that you borrow cash and end up assuming you’ve paid in bed.

Be sincere with what you want. If you want free money ask for it let it be his choice to dash. if you want him to lend you, pay him back”

Read her tweet: