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If You Are A First Born And You Are Facing Hardship And Difficulty In Life, Do This ASAP

All over the world, most first born sons and daughters go through different ton of hardships.

In fact, it is very common to see a first born child struggling to make ends meet in life, while his or her younger siblings are living large and they even become the bread winners of the family. This is because, there is something called the first born syndrome.

The reason why most first born find themselves struggling and living a life of hardship today is majorly because of spiritual spells or curses upon their families, which was transferred to them. Many of them are living in Bondage, inherited from their forefathers, but they don’t know. Their little ones might be progressing but not them.

However, the holy bible has made us to understand that, God has a plan and intention towards all first born. He said, every first born carries a special ordination and mantle and that is definitely why the kingdom of darkness is always working tirelessly against their progress and success in life.

All first born need to wake up from their slumber against the forces of darkness and take control of their destinies. If you are a first born and you are facing lots of trials, tribulations and difficulties in life, then you must know that, this is not God’s plan for you. Please do this fast. Let us be in the mood of prayer; kneel down, place your hand on your bible and day these prayers.

  1. Dear lord, break every yolk of Foundational or ancestral problems affecting my life in Jesus Christ name.
  2. My father in heaven, every strange forces of darkness tying me down or holding my destiny, loose me out from their grip in Jesus name.
  3. Haba father, I destroy every idol from my father’s side or my mother’s side, that is fighting with my progress in life in Jesus name.
  4. Dear lord, please destroy every covenant that my forefathers must have entered that is disturbing my peace in Jesus name.
  5. Father, break every generational and ancestral curse that is working against me as the first born in the mighty name of Jesus christ.
  6. My father in heaven, from this day, henceforth, whatever I lay my hands on shall prosper in Jesus name.
  7. Lord God in heaven, open every door of breakthrough and success for me, let me be the head and not the tail in my family in Jesus name, Amen.

Dear first born, as you say these prayers with faith, I pray that the almighty God will answer you in Jesus name. Please comment a big Amen and share this post to any first born you know.


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