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I Will Not Leave Borno Because of Boko Haram — Anambra Man Who Owns Bakery in Borno

I came to Borno State in 2002, I`m From Anambra State, I run my bakery here in Maiduguri and used to transport bread to Dikwa, Mainok, Malamaja.

This thing [Boko haram] started and ended, I was still here living in Galadima junction. They did not kill my sons or daughters. Many people ran away but I’m still here.

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But I received a text message saying I need to leave the neighborhood. I went to the soldiers. They asked ‘What do you think of this text?’. I said ‘I am not going anywhere! I am with my God’. Although they [terrorists] burnt my delivery van and packed all of my bread at Dikwa local government, Malamaja market and Mainok but here in my bakery, they’ve not done any damage. I’m free here because God saved me here.

This state made me who I am. I am fine here. Because in Borno, any little amount you have, it can sustain you. In other cities you’ve to be rich.

This town has been good to me. I am friends with the people, we invite each other to our events. Even when the insurgency was happening, my Kanuri and Hausa neighbors and I used to hide together. Everyone would call to say there’s something happening, hide. I don’t have problems with any body’

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