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I Was Shot By A Fellow Soldier For Killing Many Boko Haram Terrorists — Army Man (Video)

An Army man has come out to make a shocking revelation of what his colleague did to him.

Presently, an anonymous caller in a radio program “Let’s talk with Sandra Ezekwesili” has made a shocking revelation.

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The said caller revealed that he was shot by his fellow soldier after he shot and killed several Boko Haram insurgents.

The young man alleged that two of his friends were also shot dead for killing Boko Haram terrorists. Here is an excerpt of what he said, “I was in the battalion and we were fighting Boko Haram.

So we went to war, I am a left-handed person. So I was shooting, no morale, nothing nothing, no pay, no means of communication to my family.

My father thought I was dead. I was fighting and I was shooting, one of our soldiers shot me on my rib. He said in Hausa ” You kill people too much”, he shot me, I was barely breathing.

They shot me on purpose, they said I kill people a lot. When asked if he retired afterward. The young man said, “I wrote a letter and I resigned. I don’t want to serve the land again, I don’t want to”, he said.

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